Recipe/Lamb skewers with mint jelly sweet



Lamb skewers with mint jelly sweet


250 gr of ground lamb;
50 g chopped onion;
10 g of chopped garlic;
Salt to taste;
Black pepper to taste;
Spicy paprika to taste;
1 bunch parsley;
1 egg;
50 g of wheat flour;
1 jar of mint jelly small;
Frying oil;

Modo de Preparo:

Mix the meat with onion and garlic mash with hands, season with salt pepper and paprika to taste and knead again to make it a homogeneous mixture, place the egg and mix finally the flour, knead again for to be well distributed flour. Model the meatballs and cook to the desired point, sprinkle with mint jelly, and serve. To give the touch of Chef recipe that we use bamboo skewers Knotted Stickes, the "Natural Products" in addition to being environmentally friendly are much more resistant.

Tempo de Preparo
2 hrs

5 servings